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About Us

At Rehab Solutions, you can expect:

Better Outcomes

Rehab Solutions is a state-recognized leader in home therapy services.  We are staffed with the best therapists in the state.  We sought for the most qualified care professionals so we can bring to your home the kind of your treatment that meets your satisfaction.

Accelerated Recovery

Depending on the patient's condition or as advised by the physician, Rehab Solutions will do what it takes to speed up the recovery process.  We find ways to get you back on track with your life - unbound to immobility or sensory impairments, but instead, bound to achieve more in your lifetime.

Improved Self-care Skills

Take better command of your body.  Restore your self-care skills with the help of our expert therapists.  We support you physically and emotionally.  

Convenience in Acquiring Services

Because Rehab Solutions brings the therapy straight to your home, you no longer need to endure the travel from your home to a rehabilitation center.  Even more, you can enjoy the comforts of your home.  We don't require you to be admitted in a care facility to receive treatment from us.

Flexible Treatment Programs

Do your schedules change from time to time?  Not to worry!   Our care coordinators will help organize a schedule of treatment that you will be most comfortable with.  Care programs will be subject to the approval of your physician.  Most patients' physicians choose to oversee treatment.  In such cases, we coordinate with physicians on the patient's progress throughout the treatment.

address 209 East Broadway
Winnsboro, Texas, 75494
phone (903) 342-6790
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